Negative Words - so destructive

We've all heard wise sayings about words.
Survivors of trauma recall the destructive power of negative words
especially when we were vulnerable or captive to the one speaking the words.
For some of us it was the negative words of a parent or teacher or Priest or coach or peer. or boss at work or someone else.

  • The power of these words needs to be broken
  • the poison of such words need to be neutralised
  • as adults we need to cut off access of those speaking  negative words until we can withstand them and rebuff them

.Positive words have positive power  - positive words are a key part of our recovery.
Norman Vincent Peale
  wrote "The Power of Positive Thinking"
Robert Schuller took Peal's ministry a step further on the west coast of the USA with "The Hour of Power" TV Programme - a positive voice.

Words of Life

.Jesus spoke words of life

  • Genesis Chapter one and two and John Chapter 1
teach us that the universe was created by God's word
  • Jesus spoke a word of healing and people were healed
  • Jesus spoke words of forgiveness
  • Jesus spoke the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah.
see  "Today, if You Hear His voice..."   messages

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